About us

Each Bugr pencil is original and luxurious in design. You will also be interested in your surroundings. You won't want to share it. It is produced by a team of people who do their work with enthusiasm. We are a small South Bohemian company that uses the highest quality natural and technical materials in the production of original and rare materials. The whole production process does not allow the same pencil to be created twice - each pencil has a unique drawing. All Bugr pencils are manufactured and assembled in the Czech Republic. They are delivered in an elegant gift box or in a hand-stitched leather case. Bugr pencils are unique. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

How did BUGR come about?

The idea was very simple. In the company, we produced mechanical pencils, and from that it is only a small step to a complete pencil. We wanted to make a product that is unique and you can't buy it in every stationery store. Thanks to enthusiasm, the idea was implemented and brought to life. There are currently 5 employees involved in the production of pencils and cases.

In addition to original products, the work also includes laser engraving, which in combination with wood forms an admirable combination. It is thus possible to write the name of the company or engrave the company logo in the pencil. The pencils are also complete with a gift box. The package also includes a graphite pencil and a blue gel refill. We also started making hand-stitched leather pencil cases. We are currently working on new products, such as children's pencils that are smaller than regular pencils.

Working with the most interesting material

Bugr pencils are exceptional due to the materials used. They are made from the most expensive commercial types of wood or resin components. The most luxurious material we have worked with so far is certainly mammoth bone, which comes from deposits in Siberia. The bone is stabilized with resin to give it the desired properties. Despite this, it is very fragile and working with it requires great care and attention. Even with wood, it is not the case that every piece is a pencil. Hardwoods are prone to cracking during machining and drilling. You need to have experience. Hardwoods are generally difficult to machine. An ordinary beech, which is used for the basic line of pencils, is ideal for this product. Each piece of pencil is original thanks to the drawing of the wood used. The uniqueness is the snakewood pencil, which is one of the most expensive commercial types of wood in the world.

Jackets can be made from almost any material, which gives the necessary freedom and uniqueness. For example, a pencil case made from a meteorite is not unrealistic at this time, and there would certainly be someone who would want to own such a pencil. However, several blanks can be used for one good specimen, which is why the price for such a pencil is really high. As for the coats, it is mainly about the lack of certain materials at this time. For surface treatments, it is important to find a reliable partner so that the result corresponds exactly to your requirements. For example, in the case of anodizing, we only found it in Austria.

BUGR art + ecology

Our company realizes that consideration for the ecosystem will come back to all of us. Therefore, it tries to ensure that all its activities, materials and packaging it uses are environmentally friendly. We started using grass paper for our packaging, which saves a lot of water in its production compared to cellulose paper and which reduces the carbon footprint of production by 60%. We procure the vast majority of materials for the production of Bugr pencils in the Czech Republic, which also saves the planet by reducing the transport load.

Personal access in BUGR art

Are you looking for original stationery for yourself, your friends or business partners? Didn't choose from the current offer? Do you need a larger quantity? Do you want to design and produce your own company line of pencils? Please contact me. . I believe that every pencil purchased for you or as a gift for someone close to you will bring joy for a long time with its originality and functionality.

Daniel Scharf

e-mail: info@bugr.art