Na vzpomínky, které začínají právě teď

To the memories that begin right now

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To the memories that begin right now

To the memories that begin right now

Hand made

As one of the few, we really care about our products and make them by hand.

Made in the Czech Republic

"Golden Czech hands" is the slogan we follow here at BUGRU.


For the production of our packaging, we use paper from grass, which reduces the carbon footprint of their production by 60%.

Collection BUGR

BUGR Basic

Basic is the basic collection of BUGR mechanical pencils. The casings are made of Czech beech. The logo is engraved on the natural surface, which is only provided with a wax protective film.

BUGR Classic

We offer the Classic mechanical pencil collection in two designs. The wood for their production is carefully selected so that the resulting appearance will delight you. A nickel-plated logo tag is included with the jacket.


BUGR JUMA mechanical pencils are made of high-quality, thermoplastic material. It consists of a mixture of various mineral substances and a resin component. Its colors are fantastic

BUGR Elegant

High quality materials are used in the Elegant collection. You'll just love Desert Ironwood and Bocote decks. All visible metal parts of the pencil are made of polished stainless steel.

BUGR Elegant limited edition

Here you will find a limited series of BUGR mechanical pencils. We use luxurious and non-traditional materials and finishes for their production. The result is always fascinating and unique.

BUGR accessories

Do you need a pocket case for your BUGR pencil, a different hardness or color of lead, a decorative box or have you run out of refills? Everything you are looking for can be found here

We keep moving forward!

We are currently working on new products. We will continuously expand our assortment for you with luxury stationery and accessories. The BUGR pencil will impress you and your surroundings. You won't want to share it.

She is unique.

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